The Grace United Methodist Church Communications Team is responsible for the design and production of print media; i.e. the weekly Friday Grace Notes and other printed material such as postcards, posters, forms, stationery, banners, signage, T-shirts and other promotional items. We also produce electronic media including our digital outdoor sign, website, email campaigns, online registration forms, social media, and some online content. All requests must be submitted online by a Grace United Methodist Church staff member. A Ministry Leader may submit a request using this form at the behest of a staff member after staff member has reviewed and approved the content being submitted.

There are 4 types of requests that may be submitted through this site:

Announcements – (for Friday Grace Notes)

Digital Sign – (for outdoor sign)

Print – (for Postcards, Mailings, Flyers, Brochures)

Web / Social Media – (for content placement on church website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Click one of the buttons below for guidelines for each requests type.

Click one of the links below to open a web form to submit your content.


Friday Grace Notes (printed, email & web)

Digital Sign (New!)

Outdoor sign slides


Brochures, Flyers, Postcards, Posters


Content Updates, Online Registration Forms, Event Ads